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Taking a Pause for the Cause

Of the 3 blogs that I write for The Lady and Seitan is the most labor intensive. Digging through a stack of Paula Deen books and magazines, picking the recipe, figuring out how to veganize it in the best possible way and then making sure I find a way to also reduce calories takes a […]

Week 3: Feeding a family for $50 a week!

Week 3 – the week that almost broke me! As I looked my shopping list up and down this week I could tell this was going to be a tough one. Before I even started shopping for the stuff we needed to make this week’s meals I had to replenish my stock of some big […]

Week 2: Feeding the Family for $50 a week!

So here we are at week 2! Week 1 was a success, I spent less than $26 on groceries and every meal was a slam dunk with the family. In order to keep the budget in check my goal was to make as much “from scratch” and homemade as possible so preparing meals definitely took […]

Feeding the Family for only $50 a week

Feeding the Family for only $50 a week

Sunday is grocery shopping day. Every Sunday morning I wake up and the first thing on my mind is “what are we going to eat this week?” When it comes to buying food I have very little restraint. I come from a long line of food hoarders. Well, maybe hoarding is a strong word. Let’s […]

Thoughts on Paula Deen

After putting my daughter down to bed last night I went online to do my usual “what was happening in the real world today while I was knee deep in toddler-land” search when I saw various articles about Paula Deen popping up everywhere. Snippets from TMZ and online gossip mags read that she was being […]

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