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Long-Term Investments in Sports


The bulk of the players considers sports betting as an opportunity for easy money or as a means to have a good time. Even when a player wants to exaggerate his bank with the help of bets, he does not consider betting as an option for long-term investment of funds. Typically, players seek to win money in the short term, rather than making plans for the distant future. Only professional bettors tend to perceive rates as a long-term investment of funds. Check https://bestsportsbetz.com/sports-betting-sites-2019/ and find the best place for investing in sports bets.

If you regard bets as a long-term investment, it does not matter if the next bet wins or loses. Also, a professional will not worry if, following the results of a week or a month, the profitability of rates turns out to be negative. Sports betting is a more risky type of investment than stocks or real estate. The cost of securities or real estate may decrease by 20-30% per year, and in betting you can lose the entire bank in a few days.

How much can you earn by investing in bets?

It all depends on what financial and gaming strategy a bettor chooses and how much he knows and draws conclusions from his mistakes. The average coefficient of professional players is 5-10% of the bet. This means that if a player makes 500 bets in the amount of 2% of the bank during the year, he will be able to increase his bank by 50-100%. Therefore, when calculating theoretical earnings, you need to rely on the size of the coefficient and on the player’s original bank.

The basic knowledge that ordinary fans possess will not bring money from bets. This requires a deeper and more thorough knowledge of the sport on which bets are made. Only 2-5% of players are able to win in the bookmaker in the long run. Such bettors do not particularly advertise their line of business, which is why we find so little information about investment in rates in the press.

The main differences between professional bettors and beginners

Professional bettors have a completely different approach to betting. What amateurs perceive as entertainment is a job for a professional bettor. That is why professionals are able and should turn off emotions in bets, even when an uncomfortable goal is scored in the 90th minute of the game. For a professional, a separate bet does not mean anything, while an amateur attaches great importance to each bet. In addition, an amateur puts in order to get a shot of adrenaline, and a professional does not have such an aspiration.

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