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Taking a Pause for the Cause

Of the 3 blogs that I write for The Lady and Seitan is the most labor intensive. Digging through a stack of Paula Deen books and magazines, picking the recipe, figuring out how to veganize it in the best possible way and then making sure I find a way to also reduce calories takes a lot of time. Then on top of that I have to run nutrition analysis for both the non-vegan and the vegan version, which can take up to a week. So, for the time being, I’m taking a hiatus from…wait! Don’t jump to conclusions, I’m not taking a hiatus from the blog but I am taking a hiatus from running the nutritional analysis on each recipe for the time being. I have so many great recipes that are just waiting to be posted but sit on my computer, unshared because I haven’t run the analysis on it. And frankly, I really just want to get the recipes out of my head and into your kitchens so for the time being that’s what you’re going to get, great veganized southern fried recipes with nutrition analysis added at a to be determined date. Happy Cooking!

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2 responses to “Taking a Pause for the Cause”

  1. Sriraw

    No worries, just please don’t stop blogging on this site. It is my favorite one of yours. I have your cookbooks too and love, love, love them!

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