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What Should You Know about a Greenhouse Before Buying It?

Today, buying a greenhouse will not be a big deal: the variety of variants presented on the market is astonishing - from polycarbonate, metal and wood; square, and even greenhouses-pyramids. But which of them is necessary for you and how to choose the perfect greenhouse?

Ideally, the greenhouse for garden should be reliable, high quality, maximally durable and adapted to the weather conditions of your region. It is also desirable that it be practical, easy to use and, of course, inexpensive.

How to Choose the Greenhouse?

Choosing a greenhouse, each of us is guided by various motives. One person pays attention to the pretty appearance of the greenhouse, which will look great against the background of a private house or country house. Others - those who consider the greenhouse as a business or household aid - put forward more serious requirements for the characteristics: for them, the appearance also plays far not the last role but not the most important one. There are steps you should take to choose the ideal greenhouse:

  • Determine what you need a greenhouse for: Before choosing a greenhouse, you need to decide: Why do you need it? One thing is, if you are going to use it to provide the food needs of your own family, and quite another if it serves to generate additional income, and over time your passion will grow into a high-income business. Moreover, if in the first case your enthusiasm will require insignificant financial expenses, then the second greenhouse will be a significant investment, the size of which will subsequently depend on your expenses on its maintenance.
  • Decide which model you need: stationary or collapsible. Naturally, with the stationary model, the foes are several times smaller - you should set it once. The collapsible will have to be installed and disassembled twice a year.
  • Decide what you intend to grow in a greenhouse: In the greenhouse you can grow tomatoes, greens, cucumbers, different seedlings and even berries. Keep in mind that different greenhouse cultures differ both in growing regimes, and in requirements for illumination and humidity. Some plants you can grow together, others will not tolerate any neighborhood and - moreover - they will only hurt each other. By deciding what you will grow, consider also which system of cultivation will be preferable.

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